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Basic Cooking Mistakes In The Kitchen

Basic cooking mistakes in the kitchen

Cooking is one of the people who work in the kitchen requires ingenuity combined with a passionate heart. But even if you have years of experience or you have a gifted cook how occasionally you’ll easily get a few minor bugs that you did not know. Therefore, this article will point out mistakes you need to avoid cooking to cook up the perfect dish. And here, let’s discuss that one mistake in order to not repeat later during food preparation time.

Cooking Error No. 1: Do not read clearly recipes

Regards to preparing a new food, reading recipes is very important for the workout in the kitchen novice and even experienced cooks. The formula reads clearly and thoroughly will provide full information about the dishes, ingredients that you need to prepare before cooking. This will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with the preparation process easy and more professional through each stage.

Basic cooking mistakes in the kitchen

If you learn by heart the formula, you will never make mistakes like tasting spices or accidentally wrong way to use certain ingredients not mentioned in the list prepared, partly to avoid corrupt taste of the food. Do not forget the fully equipped kitchen utensils and ingredients needed for food from retail stores.

  1. Wash vegetables sparingly.

Most of us usually very careful to wash meat before cooking, but forget that vegetables should also thoroughly be cleaned after the purchase of food from stores. Because maybe some people believe that shopkeepers have imported and provide them with clean vegetable sources that  they do not need clean food to save time for cooking preparations.

Basic cooking mistakes in the kitchen

But few people know that, in many parts vegetable growers are using a lot of pesticides exceeded, the rules allow or seller preservative spray fresh vegetables help longer. The main things that will cause serious impact on the health of consumers. Hazardous than that can cause food poisoning caused by dirty food.

3: Use a cool pan.

You can not expect a perfect dish if it does not heat the pan before cooking. Most of us will never forget the heated oven when baking meat or baking. However, in cooking to remember the same rules are often very difficult. If you add ingredients like chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, etc to heat the pan before then your dish will lose freshness, attractive.

Basic cooking mistakes in the kitchen

Therefore ,except some dishes do not require heat the pan before cooking, if you want to make a different dish, you should remember to always heat the pan with cooking oil before frying  or cook any dish. Even, you should also turn the heating pan fire at a moderate level, to avoid unwanted situations such as large fire caused burns, fire or burn yourself.

4:  Over stirring

One of the main steps in the cooking stage is stirring the mixture for spices permeate the dish, there are many dishes can not be used without stirring in preparation. However, you must keep in mind that different foods require different level of agitation. Often you should stir constantly and stirring, flipped through the permeable dishes spiced perfectly. But do not stir too long because it will be fermented mixtures and loss of essential nutrients away.

Basic cooking mistakes in the kitchen

Ideally, instead of stirring constantly, you should use stirring tool (a wooden spoon) to stir with a spoon before you need to add new spices to the pan. Stir gently and adjust the hands to the extent necessary to ensure that all new components to be added to the mixture and it was completed earlier in the pan.

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