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How to Cook Without Losing the Food’s Nutrients

When cooking, we always want to make the dishes which not only are attractive and delicious but also supply enough the necessary nutrients for us. However, during the cooking process, the nutrients often lose partly, even totally. This will make our body not get enough the essential nutrients and then lack the energy. In this post, we will show some tips that can help the housewives cook without losing the food’s nutrients.

  1. Choose the appropriate cookware

Sometimes many people do not concern much about the kind of cookware that they should use to cook. In fact, there is a lot of cookware that can have bad impacts on the food we cook. They are the cookware made from normal metals, which can cause the chemical reactions when cooking and harm our health. Nowadays, people often use the ceramic one to cook the dishes to keep the food’s nutrients when cooking. Having the best ceramic cookware for your own family to cook the wonderful dishes without drawbacks is a great idea. It not only cannot cause the harmfully chemical reactions but also helps us save the time to cook effectively.


  1. Apply some ways to cook the food without losing the nutrients
  • Meat

If you store the meat in the refrigerator, you should let it melt within 2-3 hours at the room temperature. You do not put it in the water because when soaking in the warm water, the water along with the valuable protein in the meat will lose. You just need to wash the meat quickly under the cold water tap and try to cook it immediately. You should cook it in the large pieces and just put them in the boiling water.

  • Fish

You should cook the fish (cut into small pieces) not less than 8-10 minutes or the whole fish (from 500g or more) not less than 30 minutes. Like cooking the meat, you should put the fish in the boiling water, and then reduce the fire immediately. When frying, you should roll it in the fried dough to make sure that it will not lose its water. You need also to observe when doing to avoid frying it too much, which can make protein hard and lose.

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  • Milk

You should not boil the milk too long or many times if not protein and vitamins in the milk will be destroyed. When boiling it, you should not keep it on the fire over 1-2 minutes.

  • Vegetable and fruit

When peeling the vegetable or fruit, you should try to peel thinly and cook as soon as possible. You should not let the peeled vegetable and fruit in the air. In addition, you should cook them with a little water or only in a bain-marie. Remember that you just make the salad right before eating.

  • Grains

The grains lose least their nutrients but you should not cook them too long. You just need to cook the flour in 10-15minutes; rice and wheat in 30-40 minutes. For the green beans and peas, you should soak them in the cold water for 2 hours, then pour this water away and add the new water and boil.

In conclusion, to make sure that all the dishes you make are full of nutrients and attractiveness, you have to be careful with the things you do. It starts from the cookware you choose to cook, the food you prepare to the ways you cook each dish. I hope that you will always make the great and enjoyable dishes for your family without losing the important nutrients of the food.

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