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Delicious Cooking Experience

Delicious cooking experience

In life with much fatigue and worries. We can not avoid having nutritional problems such as lack of nutrition in the diet or the excess of nutrition (obesity). This can be considered small, but really it is a major contributor to health each time. If you’re worried about how to cook ? Feel free to lease refer to my blog! Here I will share some cooking experience that are noted.

Use less oil

Delicious cooking experienceWhen cooking, try to use as little oil as possible. When we fry anything, the fat of the oil will seep into food and increase food calorie intake significantly. When we eat fried food will affect our body in two ways, first of all, increase the amount of our daily calories. And second, the diet of many of us leaning toward fat consumption. Thus will lead to  gain weight gain, even cause obesity.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Try to add the vegetables in the salad and some dishes. For example, you can add some red or yellow peppers chopped to enhance the flavor of the dish, or use the fruit to replace sour taste of the soup.

Delicious cooking experience

Boiled food is better than fried one

You should select a cooking method can not only maintain the flavor and color of the food, but also can retain nutrients in food. Boiled vegetables can prevent the loss of nutritional value because the process of cooking for a long time and high temperature.

Use salt and MSG

Delicious cooking experienceEating too much salt and MSG to make sure there is no benefit to the body. You should consider the use of spices, you can use lemon juice instead of vinegar and salt. You can also add some garlic and onion powder (not garlic salt and onion salt) in meat and soup, it gives a great taste to the dish.

Do not eat burnt food

Try to not grill meat because if in the case of foods charred it will produce some carcinogenic substances such as benzopyrene. Using the microwave is the best way of cooking, because cooking time is very short, so it can reduce the loss of nutrients of the food.

Delicious cooking experience

Sauces using limitation.

You should not break down your meals by using too much sauce but add unnecessary calories. Only use the sauce as a way to add flavor to dishes. If possible, use low-fat sauces and cooking energy.

Delicious cooking experienceHomemade dessert

Make homemade dessert for yourself, to control the fat content. When you make the cake, you can choose applesauce, prune juice or yogurt instead of ice cream, it will be effective in reducing the fat content.

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