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How to Fry Chicken in An Electric Skillet

Frying a chicken is one of the things that are done by an electric skillet. There are very many people outside there who fear this activity because they think that what they will cook cannot be eaten. The steps an individual needs are easy and simple and they include the following:

What does one need?

A person should begin by collecting the materials they will use before embarking on the frying process. It is necessary for them to have the chicken to be fried, ingredients, cooking utensils and the electric skillet. These ingredients should be in the right quantities so that they do not become less as the person is cooking. Once an individual has set these, they will be ready to go ahead.

Preparing the chicken

Before the chicken is fried, there are some preparatory activities that should be undertaken. The first thing is to make sure that all the utensils to be used are clean. Have cold water in a container in which the chicken should be dipped. In case an individual is in need of speedy results then they are advised to add ice cubes to the container. After this allow the chicken to swim in the ice cold water for some time. The cold water will play an important role in holding important nutrients in the chicken during the frying process.

Frying the chicken

Before an individual starts frying the chicken, they should make sure that their electric skillet is on and functioning well. After this, it will be important to half fill the pan with oil. By the aid of tongs one should add the pieces of chicken to the pan. It is needed to turn them carefully so that he skillet is not scratched.

When frying it is important for a person to avoid crowding the pieces of chicken in the pan because this could possibly affect the quality of the food produced. Even if it would mean frying one piece at a time, there should be enough space and oil to allow adequate frying of the chicken. There is one great rule of the thumb that there should be space between the pieces of the chicken so that the one frying can enjoy turning each piece without having to interfere with other pieces.

Cover the pan

After frying for some time, one should make sure that the pot is well covered for about five minutes. Covering the pot will allow some steam to accumulate and speed up the cooking process. It is wise to cook the chicken until one ends up with golden brown pieces.

After this period there is need to flip salt and paper on the chicken. This has to be done quickly before the grease on the chicken dries off. It is important to make sure that the right amount of salt has been used so that it is neither excess nor less. After flipping on one side of the chicken, the pieces should be turned so that one can flip the other side of the piece. One should avoid leaving the lid open after flipping because this would result to residual heating which is not desired when frying.

At one point or another individual might be required to adjust the temperature so that they can reduce how greasy the chicken becomes. After doing this, the chicken should be removed and be placed on a paper towel. This is important because it helps in wicking out excess grease from the chicken. It is also vital for an individual to check the internal temperature of the chicken. After doing all this, the chicken will be ready to be served with other meals and one can enjoy taking it.

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