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Interesting Secrets on Making Cake at Home

Is there any secret to making a great cake at home? Absolutely! Read and follow our recommendations then see your own amazing cake.

Today there is no need to buy a cake at bakeries. You always can make one easily at home. Cooking is a particular art that does not take any constant mold. But follow some hacks bellow and the success will certainly chase you.

Use other tools

Having your peace of mind even if you do not have an oven to bake. Instead, use some special devices such as pans, microwaves, steamers, rice cookers or even pressure cookers. However, each of them should have their specific recipe in order to produce a flawless cake. For example, a baked cake with oven ought to have more water than a steamed cake.

Use hair dryers

use-blow-dryerBelieve it or not, this unusual use of hair dryer will have your cakes look so much more professionally. Blow around the bottom cream of your cakes with a hair dryer at low heat level. It gives them a gloss and attractive look.

Choose a good recipe

It is guaranteed that the result come out hardly as good as the recipe you use. Use a simple recipe from your reliable sources to have the best outcome. Many recipes, especially on the internet, have never ever been tried or checked. A cooking book or instructive television programs is more dependable.

Be strict with temperature and time

The right temperature is depends on particular type of cake. Chiffons should be baked at lower temperature (150-200 C) than croissants (400 C). Similarly, crunchy or thick cakes (biscuits, breads, cookies, pound cakes, etc.) need more time to be totally cooked than soft light thin cakes (muffins, pancakes, waffles, etc.). Follow the temperature and time in your specific recipe strictly and never be easygoing.

Have weights and ingredients exactly

Herbs and spices in wooden spoons - beautiful kitchen image.

Herbs and spices in wooden spoons – beautiful kitchen image.

Any delicious cake has correct ingredients weather it is complex or not. The success could never be a difficult recipe with inaccurate ingredients but a simple one with exact ingredient. Replacing cake flour by all-purpose flour brings out an awful outcome.

Make sure you use the accurate measurement of ingredients as listed in the recipe. You can’t just add more flour or baking powder as long as you want and have a huger or softer cake. Use a spoon instead of estimate for accuracy. Last but not least, avoid mixing all ingredients in measurement, pick only one or another.

Bring the butter and eggs to room temperature

Of course, you know to avoiding using cold butter. Besides, it is just as important to eggs or the mixture won’t sweep in together properly. Microwave cut-up butter in 30 seconds at low-level and leave eggs at a bowl filled by warm water for 5-10 minutes if you just have a short time.

Butter the pans or baking molds by brush


Butter brings special flavor and flawless cover to your cake. Simply add soft butter to a brush, then swipe onto the pans. This is the most effective way to adding butter on any surface.

Apply those tips to get any cake baked perfectly right now.

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