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Instructions of First Preparation and Preservation Food for Housewives

Cooking is one of the important household chores which require housewives to take a lot of time. Nowadays, this task is becoming easier and easier thanks to supporting tools such as Rachael ray cookware, ceramic cookware and many kinds of cook.


However, one problem here is to guarantee family members’ health and safety, how food has to be preliminary treatment and preserve to not only eliminate dust and pesticides and keep original nutrition after taking it from the market. Let refer to ideas and experiences below to have preliminary treatment and preservation of food in right way:

To start first preliminary treatment, you must wash your hands in warm water at least about 20 seconds. Many housewives neglect this step and think that it doesn’t affect so much. However, in some cases, this is the best way to make food dirty and to spread bacterium from hands to food. Besides, you must clean all cookware and put them in dry airy places in order to avoid development of small insects like mosquitos, flies, cockroaches and rats.

The second step is that you have to classify food into each similar type such as meat, vegetables, fruit, and seafood. This helps to easily clean and save time. Afterward, you clean each type of food under water, even food bought in the supermarket and wrapped in nylon. This helps to remove dust and unexpected things.

Remember to soak vegetables and fruit in weak salt water about 5 minutes before keeping them in the fridge or using right now. For bulbs, you may sharpen skin and wash, then put them in nylons and preserve in the fridge. You should also dry fruit by paper handkerchief.

All kinds of meat and seafood are difficult to preserve in a long time, so that basing on number of users, you may buy enough to use. If not, you also have to wash and cut it into small pieces of meat. However, you should put them into separate boxes to keep in the fridge. These types of food must keep in separate trays with fruit and vegetables.

For duck, you may use some white wine and salt to clean out to get rid of fishy smell before cooking. You may drop some cooking oil in water when washing fish to make it clean.

All food must be make preliminary treatment before preserving and using. However, a small tip for housewives to keep food fresh and sweet smelling in the fridge is putting some lemon peels and replacing them frequently.

Nevertheless, according to experts’ ideas, you shouldn’t keep food in the fridge over 48 hours because it will reduce freshness and nutrition of food. This means you should use all in a day if it is possible.

In addition to collecting some useful tips in preserving food, you should also learn how to clean cookware in the kitchen easily and quickly. Let get experience and apply in the right way to become a good housewife in your house.

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