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Smart Cooking Experiences You Should Know 


Those cooking experiences below will make you love cooking and love your kitchen more than ever.

  1. Fry

When is the most suitable time for you turn over food on the pan? There is a simple way to check: take a wooden spoon and push it under the food. If the food doesn’t stick to the pan’s surface, it is the perfect moment to flip the food.


  1. Preserve food in fridge

Many people put all kind of food in fridge. However, it is not seem that everything needs that storage. You can preserve some food in room temperature, such as: potato, sweet potato, yam, taro, tomato, onion, garlic, squash, pumpkin (in case they are undivided).


  1. Make ice

When making ice in summer, you can try making it by boiled water. The ices will be much purer and clearer.


  1. Cook soup

The soup often overflow the pot, how to solve it? Just put a wooden spoon onto the pot.


  1. Boil eggs

Boil eggs with cool water and leave to simmer. When the eggs cooked, take it out and soak into cold water. This simple hacks make it is peeled easily. Moreover, the eggs will have a crystal look.


  1. Good sauce

Mill chili and garlic to have mixed puree. Next, add sugar, squeeze lemonade (remove seeds), and stir all of them well in water. A bowl of sauce need a red chili, 4 spoonful of good fish sauce, 2 big spoonful of water, and half a lemon.


  1. Boiled pork

To have good white chewy boiled meat, add a spoonful of vinegar when you start boiling water.


  1. Green boiled vegetable

Don’t add vegetable to the boiled water until it is superheat. Keep high heat then dress a little salt. Leave to seethe from 7 to 10 minutes.


  1. Fried fish

Prepare, wash fish then let it dry. Add salt into superheat oil pan in which you put fish slowly and lightly.


  1. Fried the fat of meat

The fat oil usually splash out when you fry it. To avoid this case, add salt and clove garlic into it.


  1. Coffee

Add coffee to fin of coffee in order that the measure is enough to higher the struck. Shake it until compact. Pour 2 spoonful of superheat water, leave it to infuse. Wait a second, then use a spoon to push the coffee down to have strong flavor.



Cut half a lemon, squeeze into dilute salt water. Next, add lemon slices into the glass that involves water and sugar. Stir well and serve with ice.


  1. Duck preparation

After plucking clearly, rub around duck body with a mixture which includes: milled ginger (with rind) and a spoon of wine. Leave it in 5 minutes, then wash again and the odor will disappear.


  1. Onion cutting

Put a big bowl of water beside you to avoid stingy eyes.


  1. Fishy deodorization

After fish processing, you can handle the fishy odor by rubbing used coffee grounds or tea dregs on your hand. Next, wash again with soap.


  1. Egg selection

How to select new egg? A good egg is the heavy one that you can see the yolk right on the center when candling.


  1. Flour preservation

To keep flour from mildew, mix flour with salt, follow the ratio: 1 kilo flour/ 5 gram salt.


  1. Bread refreshing

Dip old bread into water and bake again. The old bread will become good and crunchy just like a new one.


  1. Banana flower, star fruit and green banana beautiful color

Mix a little vinegar, lemon or salt with water. Then soak banana flower, star fruit or green banana into this mixture, they will not turn out bruised or brown.


  1. Potatoes

Cut and wash potatoes by salt water, use a wipe to bathe them. Potatoes will not be crushed during frying or boiling.



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